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Aramark Frontline Education Program
The Aramark Frontline Education Program provides eligible employees full tuition coverage to earn an undergraduate degree from a top-tier university.
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Who Is Eligible?

You may be eligible for the Aramark Frontline Education Program if you are:

  • U.S. based
  • Hourly*
  • Full-time
  • With at least six months of service

Eligible Frontline employees can apply for the Spring 2020 session.

If you have any questions about the Aramark Frontline Education Program or your eligibility, please reach out to your manager or HR representative.

*Eligibility for union employees is determined according to the terms of their union contract. 

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Included with the Aramark Frontline Education Program
How Funding Works
Need-Based Federal Grants

To participate in the Aramark Frontline Education Program, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid® (FAFSA). You may qualify for needs-based federal grants, which is financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid, and other needs-based aid.*

Aramark Frontline Education Program

Frontline Aramark employees may be eligible to receive full tuition coverage for online undergraduate degree programs offered by top-tier universities.

Reduced Remaining Student Responsibility

You'll pay your school for the application fee.** 

*Need-based aid includes grants like the Pell Grant or University Grant that are awarded based on the financial need of the student/family. Financial aid awarded based on demonstrated financial need from student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Student responsibility may be met through personal savings, loans, etc.

**Please refer to the IRS for information about potential tax implications for participating in an employer-sponsored educational assistance benefit.

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Arizona State University
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Arizona State University
Frequently Asked Questions

If you are eligible for the Frontline Education Program, you are able to attend Arizona State University Online and select from any of their more than 80 undergraduate degree programs. 

The program covers tuition, lab and other course fees, and books up to $325 per academic session. Associates who apply will need to pay the $70 application fee.

Once you are enrolled in classes on a degree-seeking path for an ASU academic session, have completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have a complete financial aid file, you will be eligible to receive up to $325 through the ASU Sun Devil Bookstore online to purchase course materials, including physical or digital textbooks, and excludes renting textbooks and any other categories of purchases.This includes the cost of shipping orders to you, if required. 

You will receive an email to your ASU email address containing instructions for purchasing, as well as a deadline by which all course materials must be purchased for the session. As long as you maintain eligibility for the program and enroll in classes, you will receive this email prior to every session in which you are enrolled. 

Occasionally, courses will require materials not available in the ASU Follett Store. This can occur for a number of reasons. In this situation, you should contact Aramark HR in order to determine how these materials can be covered by the Frontline Education Program prior to making any purchases.

Eligible and interested associates can apply for rolling admission to any one of the following ASU Online session start dates: 

  • Spring 2020 B - March 16 
  • Summer 2020 A - May 18 
  • Summer 2020 B - July 1 
  • Fall 2020 A - August 20 
  • Fall 2020 B - October 14

If you apply to ASU and are not admitted, you still have the opportunity to participate in the Frontline Education Program through ASU’s Earned Admission Pathway, which allows program participants to gain admission to ASU Online by successfully completing a series of online courses that count towards their degree. 

ASU does accept transfer credits from other institutions. An enrollment coach will review and assist you with application of any previous college credit towards a Bachelor’s degree. 

For more information about program eligibility, employees should consult their manager or reach out to HR. 


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